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    • Garland

      Myanmar Leader Says No Ethnic Cleansing Of Rohingya Muslims -BBC

      LONDON, April 5 (Reuters) - myanmar tours leader Aung San Suu Kyi said ethnic cleansing was too strong a term HIT Myanmar to myanmar tours describe what was happening in the Muslim-majority Rakhine region, the BBC reported on Wednesday. "I don't think there is ethnic cleaning going on," Suu ...

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      • Guizar

        France's Engie Bets Big On Small-scale LNG Demand

        By Mark Tay CHIBA, Japan, April 5 (Reuters) - French utility giant Engie has tagged small-scale LNG projects as a key growth area for demand for the superchilled fuel amid a supply surplus that has pushed Asia's spot LNG prices down 70 percent over the past three years. "Small-scale LNG was...

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        • Edler

          Obama Leaves For China, Myanmar, Australia Tour

          US President Barack Obama headed for China Sunday on a trip that will focus on Washington's often tense relations with the country, and will also see the president visit myanmar tours and Australia

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          • Lieb

            TABLE-World Bank Keeps 2017 East Asia Growth Forecast Steady

            SINGAPORE, April 13 (Reuters) - The World Bank kept its 2017 economic growth forecast for developing East Asia and the Pacific unchanged, but added the region is vulnerable to any sharp slowdown in global trade or tightening in financial conditions. Latest GDP growth projections, percent: (perce...

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            • Seese

              Tigers Eye Stone Properties

              Tiger's Eye, a form of chatoyant quartz, and is found in Brazil, Australia, myanmar tours, South Africa and India. It is a beautiful stone with a variety of interesting properties, including its appearance and composition. There are several shades in chatoyant quartz; Tiger's Eye features shades ...

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